Artist's statement

In my art I work with concepts of space and identity, I act in the field of aesthetic and sensory experiences, avoiding direct references and narrative. These concepts are intertwined in one way or another in various media and interpretations. Usually I work in several media at once, however I define painting as the main one for myself. Painting is integrated into installations, sculptures transition into painting, video allows to bring closer to life something that in fact is not life.


The search for compositional solutions, forms, colors and materials that interest me is also important for my artistic practice. Intuitively I reproduce calm and meditative compositions that portray a certain room or part of it, or an architectural object or building. As an artist I am focused on the modern world created by people, human’s interaction with the surrounding forms and a person’s place among them, perception of a human as a form and the question of the possibility of such perception. I am convinced that our everyday world is inextricably linked with the understanding of who we are.


Time after time I build a rather "dry" conventional space, consisting of straight, concise lines and shapes. In painting these are simplistic planes that are far from realistic interpretations, filled with many negligent, staining strokes and smudges. There are practically no transitions from light to shadow, there is no depth. By introducing a human figure there, or household items, or flowers or something wavy and voluminous, fluid, or vice versa, dense and pasty, I fill it with presence. The presence that I allowed myself ultimately gives a work an emotional message that is perceived by the audience.


Katya Tzareva was born in 1984 in Krasnodar, Russia. In 2006 she graduated from Kuban State University, faculty of "Architecture and design". In 2012 she held the first personal exhibition. Katya is in the list of the 100 top young artists as reported by "In Art" (THE DATABASE AND ANALYTICS OF RUSSIAN CONTEMPORARY ART). She works with painting, video, installations, objects. She lives and works in Izhevsk, Russia.





1984 Born in Krasnodar, Russia

2006 Graduated from Kuban State University, faculty of "Architecture and design"

2017 was named one of the top 100 young Russian artists, according to the Russian “In Art” database

2016 participated in a residency program with the Gridchinhall Gallery & Art-Residence 

2016 participated in Moscow International Biennale For Young Art

2019 participated in the Womens International Film Festival (USA) in 2019 and received a Merit Award.





2021 "In My White Corner" / Pro Art`s Gallery / Kaluga / Russia

2020 "My Rooms" / Futuro Gallery / Nizhni Novgorod / Russia

2018  "Search me in the flowers"/ Udmurt Republican Art Museum /  Izhevsk / Russia 

            Supported by PERMM museum of contemporary art. 

​2016  "The story of a one white house" / GridchinHall / Moscow / Russia 

2014  "Scenes from a marriage" / Gallery of the newspaper «Izvestia of the Udmurt Republic" / Izhevsk / Russia 

2013  "Simulacrum. Age of Aquarius"/ Grifon art-center /  Izhevsk / Russia 

​2012  "Two. Body in ART" / Grifon art-center / Izhevsk / Russia   




2021 "Hidden Places" / Max Art Foundation / Moscow / Russia 

2020 "Winter Exhibition 2020" / Alvitr Art Gallery x ARTBOX / Saint Petersburg / Russia

​2020 "Wave of Dreams" / Triumph Gallery / Moscow / Russia

2019 "There Where The Energy Flows To" / InArt Gallery / / WINZAVOD Center For Contemporary Art / Moscow / Russia
2018 "Vivum" / Artis Gallery / WINZAVOD Center For Contemporary Art / Moscow / Russia

2016  "Voice of Izhevsk." Special project Moscow International Biennale for Young Art / CCI Fabrika / Moscow / Russia

2015  "Workshop 2015. Sub observationem." / Moscow Museum of Modern Art / Moscow / Russia 

2015  "Teleport of the General Popov" / Museum of Izhevsk /   Izhevsk / Russia 

2014  Euroasian festival of the modern art / Yekaterinburg / Russia

2014  "6 SENSES" / L&P Hutisingh Visual Art Centre / Ahmedabad / India

2013  "VIVIDA. Diversely unite artists." / The Framers Gallery / London/ UK 




2020 Most ART Festival / Kaluga / Russia

2020 Buenos Aires Internetional Fashion Film Festival / Buenos Aires / Argentina

2019 Womens International Film Festival / USA

2018 Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival / New York / USA 

2013  The festival of street art "IzhevskIntervention" / Izhevsk / Russia




Since  2016 Gridchinhall Gallery & Art-Residence, Moscow,  Russia 



2016  Cosmoscow,  Moscow





KATYA TZAREVA - about the exhibition "My Rooms" at FUTURO gallery (Russia)



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Katya Tzareva in DOVETAIL MAGAZIN Issue 02 - WINTER '20/ SPRING '21. Editor : Kate Mothes. 

Curated Selections: Elizabeth Denny (Denny Dimin Gallery) / Print (USA)

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Katya Tzareva in the catalog of A WAVE OF DREAMS by the Triumph Gallery  / Print (Russia)